ACT to Thrive in Work and Life

(for Senior Managers, Managers & Individuals) PROGRAMME OUTLINE

Duration: 3 x ½ day workshops

In today’s environment, there is an increasing level of complexity, with many different competing challenges and demands in every day life that we all have to navigate through. Learning how to take a proactive approach and how to ‘lean in’ is essential.

ACT: is an evidence-based approach to improving a range of wellbeing matters and helping to enhance psychological (emotional) flexibility. This programme can help you to focus on what really matters by offering techniques and strategies to enable you to move towards where you want to be (work, life & health).

Benefits of ACT:

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Programme Purpose

To understand how ACT can enable you to take positive actions towards improving your life and work.

Programme Objectives

You will learn how to:

  • Apply ACT to improve wellbeing, cope better with stressful and other life situations
  • Recognise your relationship with thoughts and feelings
  • Focus on being more present, aware and conscious
  • Take values-based actions towards your values and goals


Session Content
1 Valuing What Matters
•    Welcome and Introductions
•    Introduction to ACT
•    Stepping out of automatic pilot
•    Understanding your values (work and life)
•    Review and home practice
2 Recognising and Taking Focused Action
•    Reviewing practice
•    Noticing thoughts and feelings
•    Being Present, Aware and Conscious
•    Defining your values based goals and actions
•    Review and home practice
3 Consistently Moving Towards What Matters
•    Reviewing practice progress
•    Assessing value action consistency
•    Noticing being Present, Aware and Conscious
•    Refining your values based goals and actions
•    Review and continued practice commitments


Before the programme and after, you will be offered the opportunity to complete two diagnostic psychometrics to assess where you are now and enable you to track your progress. The price of this is included in the programme costs.

This programme is delivered by Occupational Psychologists and Business Consultants who are professionally trained ACT practitioners.

Participant Testimonials

“This was a very helpful course, even in a month I have noticed my confidence building and have less negative thinking. I now think more positively and watch when I am negative.”

“I feel I can now guard my thoughts more closely and can now quickly let it wash over me and get back on track to what i really want to achieve.”

“The programme was very beneficial in guiding me to present moment awareness and the importance of meditation which i have never understood before despite many attempts.”

“Thank you, for teaching me a little more on life’s good and bad thoughts of myself and about the way I should think about work and life.”