Emotional Intelligence & Agility Masterclass

(For Senior Managers & Managers)

Duration: 1 day workshop

Emotionally intelligent people are more likely to have the edge when it comes to leading, managing, and performing in today’s competitive and complex world by being more adept at dealing with stress, low morale, conflict and change.

Programme Purpose

To understand more about Emotional Intelligence and how you can adapt your leadership style to improve team performance.



Programme Objectives

You will learn how to:

  • Review your approach to situations and how you relate to others
  • Focus on areas to develop your leadership effectiveness and agility
  • Act to make incremental improvements and continually track your progress


Module Content
1 The Challenge
•    What is EI?
•    Benefits and barriers
•    The importance for effective leadership and management of others
2 Understanding Emotional Intelligence
•    The five main factors of EI
•    Over supply and under supply of EI
•    How EI can positively and negatively impact work and life
3 Effective Leadership
•    Emotionally intelligent manager traits
•    Motivation, happiness and engagement
•    Workplace challenges and difficulties
•    Being agile to respond differently to different situations and people
4 Creating Space to Adapt
•    Links to resilience
•    Development planning
•    Making focused improvements
5 Monitoring Progress
•    Monitoring and reviewing your progress
•    Over coming setbacks
•    Sources of support for your journey
6 Review
•    Review
•    Hints and Tips

Pre Course Diagnostic

Included in the programme, is the TEIQue Emotional Intelligence Report licensed through Thomas International with expert 1 – 1 interpretation and feedback. Feedback will be delivered via Webex or telephone prior to the programme commencing.  Completion of the questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes.