Personal Resilience & Adapting Responses

(for Individuals) PROGRAMME OUTLINE

Duration: 1day workshop

Arguably the only guarantee in work and life is change. Therefore, developing resilience is a key skill to help navigate challenges and cope with life demands. We know we cannot always control what happens in work and life but we can choose our responses.

Programme Purpose

To explore how to develop personal resilience and mental toughness to enable us to adapt our responses to challenges in work and life.


Resilience workshop benefits


Programme Objectives

You will learn how to:

  • Review your level of resilience and mental toughness
  • Focus on areas to enhance your resilience and adaptability
  • Act to make incremental improvements and continually track your progress


Module Content
1 The Challenge
•    What is RI?
•    Benefits and barriers
•    Importance in work and life
2 Understanding Resilience
•    Workplace and life pressures
•    Challenges to personal wellbeing
•    Work and life integration
•    Resilience 4 Factors & HSE standards of workplace wellbeing
•    Health, happiness, productivity and wellbeing
3 Personal Resilience
•    Present moment awareness and visioning to plan ahead (work and life)
•    Positive and supportive relationships
•    Emotionally Intelligent skills
•    Making choices in how we respond to pressure and challenging situations
4 Taking Action
•    Creating space to adapt your responses
•    Development planning
•    Making focused improvements
5 Monitoring Progress
•    Monitoring and reviewing your progress
•    Overcoming setbacks
•    Sources of support for your journey
6 Review
•    Review
•    Hints and Tips


Pre Course Diagnostic

Included in the programme, you will be invited to complete a resilience questionnaire and receive feedback. Webex or telephone will be used to deliver the feedback prior to the programme commencing.

NI and UK Costs

Charitable Rate: £445.00 / Full Rate: £495.00 plus VAT (including pre-course diagnostic and interpretation). All prices plus VAT

Republic of Ireland

Charitable Rate: €725.00 / Full Rate: €795.00 (including pre-course diagnostic and interpretation). All prices plus VAT

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