Unlocking Workplace Wellbeing

(for Senior Managers and Managers) PROGRAMME OUTLINE

Duration: 1 day workshop

We know that one in four people will suffer from a mental health issue and research indicates this is increasing due to the changing nature of work and life. Company’s that invest in wellbeing activities have higher productivity and less days lost to absence.

Programme Purpose

To understand why and how to improve workplace wellbeing in your organisation.



Programme Objectives

You will learn how to:

•    Review workplace wellbeing needs
•    Focus on approaches to wellbeing at the organisation, team and individual levels
•    Act to make focused improvements and monitor your progress


Module Content
1 The Challenge
•    What is workplace wellbeing?
•    The business case
•    Employee and Employer responsibilities
2 Understanding wellbeing
•    The stress response and performance V pressure
•    Work-life integration
•    The signs and triggers of workplace stress
•    A holistic approach to wellbeing; physical, mental and social
•    Frameworks for workplace wellbeing
3 Identifying the work related risk factors
•    Identifying workplace needs
•    Responsibilities for workplace wellbeing
•    Wellbeing risk assessments
4 Creating the conditions for a great place to work
•    Creating a healthy and happy working environment
•    Three levels of stress interventions
•    Sources of support
•    Promoting wellness in work
5 Improving workplace wellbeing
•    Measuring the impact of wellbeing
•    Monitoring and reviewing progress
•    Making focused continuous improvements
6 Review
•    Review
•    Hints and Tips


Pre Course Diagnostic

Included in the programme, you will be invited to complete Wellbeing Standards Questionnaire to measure your perceptions of wellbeing in your organisation. This will be discussed during the workshop.

NI and UK Costs per delegate

£195.00 (including pre-course diagnostic and interpretation). All prices plus VAT

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